Update on my new antidepressant medication

Last Thursday, my doctor added Abilify to my current antidepressants, in hopes that it will help with the remaining symptoms.  Of course, insurance wanted a prior …

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A couple of general medical updates

This is a sorta part two post of updates.  Part one pertained to SSI and this will focus on a couple of medication related …

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I think I’m having side effects to my new antidepressant

I started Wellbutrin a few weeks ago because Paxil just wasn’t enough. 

It’s really difficult for me to decern if it’s actually working or not because that’s …

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VERY FRUSTRATED: Elliott’s and Emmett’s meds still haven’t been called in and now they’re out

I’m really angry at this point because both Elliott’s and Emmett’s doctors office is dropping the ball.

There were issues refilling their meds again and I was …

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Making key changes to Elliott’s meds to improve his quality of life

Elliott’s appointment went pretty well.  I wanted to share a couple of important changes being made to his treatment.

Dr. Reynolds and I spoke about Elliott’s …

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When ADHD medication goes wrong

I’m a firm believer in medicating my children when it’s in their best interests. I feel that’s the only responsible approach for me.

Medicating my …

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