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1 rule we have for starting our kids on a new medication

When it comes to either beginning new or making significant changes to a medication in regards to our kids, there’s always one rule that we follow whenever it’s possible. My wife and I never like to make changes to medications during the school week. There are some times when it doesn’t matter or it’s medically …

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We don’t medicate our kids all willy-nilly

Today worked out pretty well, at least better than expected. Gavin goes to my parents every Wednesday and spends a few hours hanging out. This gives Lizze and I a reprieve from all the talking. Something had come up for today and he wasn’t going to be able to go but last night, my Mom …

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Gavin’s side effects are getting really bad and it breaks my heart 

I think I need to stop allowing Gavin to come with me to pick up the boys from school. Unfortunately, his bladder issues have gotten to the point where he really can’t ride in a car for more than a couple minutes.  We’ve been sitting here for 20 minutes and he’s almost had three accidents. …

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Update on my new antidepressant medication

Depression is frustrating enough without having to struggle to find a working medication. Here’s an update on my story.

A couple of general medical updates

Here’s part two of the general updates. This one focuses on medication related things.

I think I’m having side effects to my new antidepressant

“……. It’s really difficult for me to decern if it’s actually working or not because that’s sorta subjective and I really can’t gauge it with any accuracy……” Read More

VERY FRUSTRATED: Elliott’s and Emmett’s meds still haven’t been called in and now they’re out

VERY FRUSTRATED: Elliott’s and Emmett’s meds still haven’t been called in and now they’re out

Making key changes to Elliott’s meds to improve his quality of life

Here’s what happened at Dr. Reynolds tonight and here’s what the changes are that were making..