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Gavin’s side effects are getting really bad and it breaks my heart 

Share10 Tweet8 Pin2 Share2 +11Shares 23I think I need to stop allowing Gavin to come with me to pick up the boys from school. Unfortunately, his bladder issues have gotten… Read more »


Update on my new antidepressant medication

Depression is frustrating enough without having to struggle to find a working medication. Here’s an update on my story.


A couple of general medical updates

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Here’s part two of the general updates. This one focuses on medication related things.


I think I’m having side effects to my new antidepressant

“……. It’s really difficult for me to decern if it’s actually working or not because that’s sorta subjective and I really can’t gauge it with any accuracy……” Read More


Making key changes to Elliott’s meds to improve his quality of life

Here’s what happened at Dr. Reynolds tonight and here’s what the changes are that were making..


When ADHD medication goes wrong

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Share16 Pin3 Share1 Tweet +1Shares 20I’m a firm believer in medicating my children when it’s in their best interests. I feel that’s the only responsible approach for me. Medicating my… Read more »


The role of medications in my son’s life

Share5 Tweet +1 Share PinShares 5It was refill Gavin’s weekly pill dispenser time this morning. It’s my favorite time of the week <insert sarcasm>.  I actually hate doing this because… Read more »