I fear Gavin’s starting to lose it and that’s not good

I wanted to talk about how Gavin is doing. Lizze and I have been talking about this today and we both agree that Gavin’s not …

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We made a difficult decision about Gavin’s current emotional status

I meant to publish this update the other day but I’ve been a bit distracted.

Lizze and I met with Dr. Pattie on Tuesday …

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We have a very serious decision to make

I heard back from Gavin’s psychiatrist today and we have a very, very difficult decision to make, in regards to Gavin’s current psychotic break. 

Dr. Reynolds explained

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I’m worried that Gavin’s begun cracking at the seams

Please note that I’ve begun breaking longer posts up into pages, in order to make them a bit more user friendly.  Please be

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Heartbroken and Frustrated: We’ve been unable to help Gavin so far

Gavin is not getting any better and his worsening hallucinations are becoming more and more elaborate.  

This week we heard some really concerning …

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