Trying to get the boys ready for school tomorrow is a bit overwhelming

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We have a busy day today. School starts in the morning and we still have a few things that need done. The boys still need new lunch boxes and they definitely need haircuts.

Neither of them like getting haircuts but they don’t have a choice. They cooperate once they’re in the chair but they get ichy after and that’s pretty intense for them.

We have Pattie this afternoon, where Elliott and Gavin are going to have some one on one time with Pattie. Emmett had his time last night. We’re trying to make sure that the boys remember that they have a safe place to open up. It also helps ensure that we know how the boys are handing everything.

Afterwards, we might be going to orientation. We were going to skip it because I wanted to prioritize therapy over meeting teachers that we already know. That’s changed a bit because I our appointment time is earlier than originally scheduled and Emmett has a teacher that’s new to the school.

Because of the new teacher, we’re going to try and do both. It should work out.

Right now I’m more concerned about their school lunches because I have no idea what they’re going to eat. I’m trying to move them to a more balanced diet but as many Autism parents can atest to, that’s no easy task.

Something they both seem to be willing to try are homemade pepperoni rolls. All I need to do is find a recipe and see if they like it.. What could possibly go wrong? 😉

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