Love, patience, understanding and therapy

It’s been a day. That about sums it up. It’s not been particularly good or bad, it’s just sorta blah.

The kids got to school and did so mostly on time. Gavin and I went walking after that and he did really well. I totally feel like we’ll be able to bump things up next week and continue building from there.

I’ve got a shitload on my plate and I’m trying to get through some of the backlog without continuing to get buried. It’s not an easy undertaking and frankly, I suck at it. Well, I know I need to do better. I suppose that’s a nicer way to put it.

I’m still trying to find a new car. I’m about 90% on the financing but there are some things that complicate this process due to the impending divorce. This means there are a couple of extra hoops I need to jump through and about produce about $1,000 for a down payment.

Ideally, I’d not even be thinking about this but I need to be preemptive because the car likely won’t make through the fall. I’m better off replacing the car before I’m without a car. There’s way too many appointments and things like school that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. I have no problem relying on my parents in a pinch but it’s unfair of me to ask them to provide transportation when I should be able to do this on my own. I value greatly, every bit of independence or self-reliance I can create for myself and the kids.

I’m a little preoccupied with that right now.

While I was in the middle of dealing with another problem that arose after lunch today, I received a call from the school because Elliott was sick, again.

I don’t think he’s actually sick but I do think that he’s so emotionally distressed that he feels physically ill. He made it all the way to 1 PM before calling it quits. He made a concerted effort to power through the day and he almost made it. After speaking with the school, it was clear that the best thing I could do was come pick him up a bit early.

This is something that I will need to continually work on, with both of the boys. Therapy is a big part of that.

Truthfully, I’m happy that he’s willing to make such a significant effort. I’m hoping that with time, patience, love, understanding, compassion and a bunch of therapy, he’ll work through this.

My Mom was kind enough to retrieve Emmett from school and hang out with him for a bit. I didn’t want to drag Elliott out of the house if it wasn’t necessary. There’s also the added bonus of hanging out with my Mom and getting a healthy dose of normalcy. Unfortunately, anywhere he goes right now is tainted with unpleasant memories and this is a nice distraction for him.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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