Elliott cried himself to sleep tonight :(

Poor Elliott’s heart was broken again tonight. 😔

The boys had therapy tonight with Dr. Pattie. When we got home, Elliott found what would turn out to be a baby squirrel. In fact, there would be a total of 4 newborn baby squirrels found. 

Apparently, they had fallen about 40 feet out of the nest and landed on the sidewalk. Frankly, it’s pretty miraculous that they survived in the first place. 

These little guys are way to young for me to try and take on myself but we got them wrapped up in a warm blanket and safely stored in the house for the night. 

I’m raising my kids to cherish all life and that includes helpless baby squirrels.   

In the morning, they will be going to the Sanders Wildelife Center, where they will have a specially trained people taking good care of them. 


Until we can get them there, we have to keep them alive. Elliott is so focused on saving these little critters and so when one of them died tonight, he was hysterical. 

There was no way to protect him from this. The moment he found them on the sidewalk, I knew there was no way to avoid this challenge and the possible fallout, should they not make it. 

This poor little one dying has brought up a ton of emotional baggage for Elliott and he cried himself to sleep tonight, while I scratched his back. 

I’m praying to God that the other three survive until 8am, when we can take them to the Wildelife Center. 🙏

For right now, the babies are safe and warm. I have them swaddled in a blanket and inside a container. I set the container on top of the Xbox and turned it on. This has them toasty warm without being too hot. 

We gave each of them some Pedialyte, as per my online research and we’re gonna sit tight until morning.  

Please say a little prayer for the boys and these little baby squirrels. 

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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