Even when they drive me crazy

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That’s wasn’t a very relaxing walk. Taking the boys is something I enjoy doing, because I like spending the time with them, while trying to instill healthy habits. 

While I enjoy it, on the other hand, it’s frustrating because the boys are so focused on Pokémon Go, it feels like I spend most of the time redirecting them. Today was particularly challenging and I’m more stressed out now than I was before. 

Generally speaking, the boys actually do pretty well. 

We still managed to get about a mile and a half before calling it quits. Emmett’s little legs were getting too tired and I didn’t want to have to carry him. My knee is still bothering me and that would have been too much. 

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My Mom walked with us and continued walking when we left. 

Hopefully, we will be get back to normal in the morning, after I take the boys to school. 

Despite my frustration, it was nice spending the time with the boys. I cherish every moment I have with them, even when they drive me crazy.. lol