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The good news and the bad news

The day has been long and frustrating. First, I want to share some good news. I really want to refocus on finding the silver lining in each day. Gavin did his own IVIG Infusion today for the first time in a long time. His infusion went off without a hitch and without any leaking. Gavin …

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#Depression is absolutely kicking my ass

I had a nice chat with my Dad this afternoon. I called to see how he was doing because he’s been sick. He’s sorta feeling better but now my Mom is sick. We only spent a few minutes on the phone but I sorta unloaded a bit and it was something I really needed to …

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The struggle is real

In the good news department, everyone slept in their own beds, and did so through the night. That means I actually slept pretty well myself. Progress is progress and this is progress. I have to get to the grocery store today but aside from that, I don’t think there’s much going on. Elliott will return …

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I feel pretty f*cking accomplished tonight

I’m feeling pretty good tonight. We had a fairly decent day and I while I’m still awake at 1AM, I’ve accomplished quite a bit this evening. I spent some time tonight mixing this coming weeks podcast episode and I think it’s pretty much done. That’s awesome because I don’t normally finish things up until the …

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Figuring some things out

Last night I let the boys have an all nighter in the living room. They were watching Scooby Doo and playing the Xbox. I figured they could use the fun. The other thing was that Elliott and Emmett were getting along and I wanted them to have that as well. I was up for awhile …

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We made a very difficult decision today

Since venturing into single parenthood, I’ve been forced to make some significant changes in my life. Unfortunately, I’m only one person, and my kids require every ounce of everything I have. To survive right now, I have to take on only what is absolutely necessary and let go of whatever I can. I’ve been talking …

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