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How #Depression is impacting my life right now

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I’m struggling with depression at the moment but I want to be open about my struggle.

I had a heartbreaking conversation with my #Autistic 10 year old

I had a really tough conversation with the boys yesterday. Gavin wasn’t a part of it because he was on a mission in another galaxy when this went down. That’s not sarcasm either. Gavin’s Schizophrenic and truly believes he goes on missions. Anyway, Elliott and Emmett had been fighting because… Read more »

I forgot to update you on Elliott’s appointment

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It’s been a pretty great morning thus far. After the long week had by the boys and I, everyone woke up with minimal effort. ☺ Elliott seems to be doing better and that’s a big deal. Oh shit! That reminds me, I forgot to explain what happened at Elliott’s appointment,… Read more »

I hit a MAJOR weight loss milestone

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I’ve got some news that I think is pretty goddamn amazing and I’m incredibly proud of myself. 2018 has been a year of accomplishing goals. These goals are more personal in nature and basically were that I wanted to bring my weight loss journey to a major milestone, as well… Read more »

It’s all he’s talking about lately

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We have a pretty busy week ahead of us. We have appointments or places to be, almost everyday. Today is the only day that has remained relatively open. That said, I feel like I’m forgetting something today and it’s been bugging me all weekend. It’s like I’m supposed to be… Read more »

It’s official!!!

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It’s been many years since Gavin began taking Clozapine been and roughly 2 years since Gavin began having issues with his blood work, that had a significant impact on how he received refills of his most important medication. Clozapine is an antipsychotic and is one of the most tightly controlled… Read more »

I had all 3 boys w/#Autism on my own for the last 4 days and here’s how it went

By the time you’re reading this, Lizze is home and everyone is asleep, including me. Maybe not, I don’t know. I’d like to think I’m asleep, as is everyone else because I’m exhausted. The boys and I had a pretty good week. I’m not gonna lie, there were some tense… Read more »

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