The good news and the bad news

The day has been long and frustrating. First, I want to share some good news. I really want to refocus on finding the silver lining in each day.

Gavin did his own IVIG Infusion today for the first time in a long time. His infusion went off without a hitch and without any leaking. Gavin came down the stairs afterwards and said “Dad, I was really lucky today because my infusion didn’t leak.” I looked at him, made him walk back upstairs and start over. This time, however, I wanted him to say “Dad, I did a great job with my infusion and it finished without leaking.”

The reason for me doing this was to reframe how he views what happened. Rather than just think he was lucky, I wanted to help him build his confidence and recognize that his infusion didn’t leak because he did a really good job.

When Gavin came down the stairs the second time, he had a big smile on his face and I could see that he felt pretty good after we reframed things for him.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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The therapists of the world do us all so much good service. I totally hope you can get Emmett back to school.

Curtis G.

Great job Gavin!

Diane R Gorsline

I hope you can find a plan that is workable for all of you! If it comes down to withdrawing him from the local school, does Ohio have any virtual charter school?


Ohio does have some online charter schools. My youngest went to one awhile in high school before he got too ill to do it. I thought Ohio Connections Academy was all right for him. However, it would be more hands-on for Rob since Emmett is younger.


Why might home instruction not work? Didn’t you do something like that for Gavin? If it comes down to homeschooling couldn’t Lizze do part of it?

Audrey Ashkin

You will figure it out! (that’s my mantra but I will share it with you :-))
I know how stressful school can be for these kiddos and it breaks my heart. Perhaps a combination of homeschool and “school” will relieve enough stress and give Emmett time to re-regulate(if that’s the struggle). Also, if homeschooling becomes the first choice, you are not alone. There are support systems for that as well. I’m new to this blog, and am impressed by your strength and devotion.