Figuring some things out

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Last night I let the boys have an all nighter in the living room. They were watching Scooby Doo and playing the Xbox. I figured they could use the fun. The other thing was that Elliott and Emmett were getting along and I wanted them to have that as well.

I was up for awhile still and they ended up actually going to bed before I did. They did spent a few hours hanging out together and I feel really good about that.

There is absolutely nothing going on today. I’ve got a podcast recording to start mixing and I need to continue planning for our upcoming trip to Florida. I still have some things I need to work out for the trip down and back. I’m still trying to get ahold of the kennel we use and figure a few other things out. I’m really getting nervous about this.

I’m hoping for a quiet day and some much needed stress relief. It’s been a challenging week and some down time would be fantastic.

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