Rather than have a much needed night off, I ended up with Emmett staying home, while Elliott and Gavin went and visited their Mom. For most of the night and all of today, Elliott wanted to come home but managed to stick it out until noon, when he returned home.

Gavin wanted to stay the whole time, so he’s still there and will return around dinner.


It’s been pretty chaotic and I more tired now than I was before all of this transpired. 

With that being said, I did really enjoy my alone time with Emmett.

I don’t know what was behind his refusal to go but his Mom and I decided that it was best not to push him too far. 

Emmett and I spent the last evening and the first part of today, just sorta hanging out together. I took him to get dinner last night and he was very well behaved and really enjoyed himself. 

W snuggled on the couch and watched cartoons 

Both Elliott and Emmett are hanging out playing video games for the time being and they are getting along swimmingly.. 😀

As for me, I’m struggling to keep my eyes open and can’t wait until bedtime tonight…..😴

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