I’m a single father to 3 kids with #Autism and I’m getting sick O_o

There should be some kind of universal law that keeps special needs parents from getting sick. Life is hard enough on the best of days, being sick and trying to manage just isn’t right.  lol

I’ve had to adjust my week because Emmett and Elliott are both under the weather and I’m feeling pretty horrible myself at the moment. 

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I rescheduled Gavin appointment with immunology for next week because I have no idea if Elliott or Emmett will actually be going to school today. They had a pretty rough day of not feeling well and managed to tough it out but it took a toll. 


You have to be flexible when you have special needs kids because if you aren’t, life will steamroll right over you..

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On positive side, I’m the only one awake, meaning the boys are soundly sleeping. On the negative side, I’m the only one awake, meaning that I can’t sleep because I feel like crap. 

Maybe my allergy meds aren’t working right now. I’ve heard that allergies are really bad at the moment. The boys are sick though and they seem to like to stay close and share their germs….lol

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Oh well… Who the hell knows… I’m hoping to sleep it off tonight and have a great day when I wake up.. 😀👍