The boys visitation with their Mom was positive overall but the boys are still struggling

The boys got home about 4 hours ago. They were visiting their Mom and from the sounds of it, things went pretty well. The boys are decompressing still and have been pretty moody this afternoon.

There has been some fighting between the E’s and it’s not been a super pleasant afternoon. Elliott’s crying at the drop of the hat and Emmett’s melting down over everything.  

These guys seem to have had a good visit but they are still struggling a bit with the home.

Gavin’s been talking nonstop about video games and has been extremely impulsive. That’s not all that uncommon for him but his impulsiveness has been causing some minor upsets in our house this afternoon. 

He’s trying and that’s what I’m focusing on…

Maybe we’ll have a movie night and chill out on the couch. This of course, assumes that everyone can agree on what to watch… 🙄

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  • dotdash

    It occurs to me that it might help if you had a for when they come home from their mom’s house.  Some ritual that creates a break between that life and your home life.  I don’t know what would work.  Hot chocolate and reading out loud some special book?  Something that you could do every time that would create that boundary and set them on the familiar track of home.  Your guys seem to be snugglers, so maybe that would fit the bill?