Feeling a bit overwhelmed with life and responsibilities today

The good news is that the kids are finally doing better.  They didn’t go to school cause this was really the first day they woke up okay.

I was unable to get them into the doctors  again because they were all booked up. 

There are quite a few things that have me really stressed out right now, one of them being that there’s a good chance the server will shut down this month.

I’ve managed to cover it up to this point but there were just too many things that came up this month. 

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It may not seem like a huge deal but it is to me.  I’ve never shared the email or messages I get from people all the time about how they come here and find the strength make it through the day. 

That’s pretty heavy and I get these all the time. I think I’m going to setup a testimonials page and share some of these with the names redacted to protect the privacy of my readers. 

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Here's one from the other that that was posted publically on my Instagram. I've covered the name anyway until I establish a process for gaining permission.

I take this seriously, feel a sense responsibility to the community and don’t want to let anyone down. 

This isn’t a burden because it’s something I truly feel called to do.  It’s just that I’m one person and sometimes have a hard time keeping up..

Aside from that, it’s just life in general that has me stressed out and overwhelmed. 

The holidays are quickly approaching and I probably fall in line with many other people who are stressed and worried about making it through.

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Despite all of this, I’m infinitely thankful that the boys are feeling better that they haven’t killed each other, after being stuck together for a week and a half..  lol

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