I found some motivation tonight

I’m feeling pretty good tonight. The boys seem to be feeling better and I can honestly say that I’m incredibly grateful for that.  😀

I was still feeling a little worn down today but I think I’m doing better as well. 

There was some motivation in my blood this evening and I embraced it.  Nothing too crazy mind you but I folded a few baskets of laundry and finished up a couple reviews that I needed to get published. 

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When you’re a special needs parent, you rarely have the luxury of excess time and energy.

When you do stumble across some, it really does feel good to make headway in other areas of your life, at least for me. 

Life has a way of throwing curveballs when you least expect it. 

Life also has a way of giving you the needed strength to keep moving forward.  Tonight I found some of that strength and rather then use it to play Fallout 4, I folded laundry and typed up some reviews. 

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I’m feeling pretty awesome..  ☺

For the record, Fallout 4 was free.  The boys Xbox broke over the weekend and Best Buy replaced it.  The current promotion came with 2 free games in the box and any free game of your choice..  I chose Fallout 4 because I’ve loved all the games and it’s a nice escape. 

That in and of itself was a blessing.  ☺

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