A slower day means there’s less that can potentially go wrong

Today’s going to be relatively slow. I have to get the kids to school, which isn’t always easy. 

Gavin needs his IVIG infusion in the morning. 

That will hopefully go pretty quick and without side effects. I don’t like seeing him go through anymore than he needs to. 

While Gavin’s infusion is going, I’ll be recording my first podcast with Joel Manzer.  I’m pretty excited about that. 


After lunch, I have an appointment at Best Buy to send my laptop in for service and I’m not looking forward to that.. 

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Shortly after, we need to pick the boys up from school early and get them to Dr. Reynolds, before returning home.

It’s not going to be too busy and I’m grateful for that.  Mondays and I don’t always get along and so a slower day means there’s less that can potentially go wrong.  ☺

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