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Emmett’s been having a really rough weekend since coming home from his overnighter with his Mom.

He couldn’t sleep last night and was unable to again tonight as well. 

I ended up going to bed at 9pm because he needed to snuggle in my bed with me.  I’ve been laying here for about 4 hours now, unable to sleep myself but he’s finally out… 


There’s a good chance he’s either getting sick or is entering a fever flare because I just noticed he’s drooling like crazy. 

He only ever does this when his throat hurts or he’s getting the mouth sores. 

As I’m laying here, I can also hear Elliott breathing, coughing and constantly clearing his throat, from down the hall. 

These guys cannot get sick. 

This week is already going to quite challenging as it is…  Also, I don’t want them to be sick because who ever wants their kids to be sick?

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