It’s been one helluva day but I have some awesome news

I had one helluva day yesterday. My Dad and I spent the whole day working on the front steps. Originally, we were going to build over top of the prefab concrete steps that were preexisting. This was because we thought the concrete was much thicker than it really was.

I was actually able to demolish the entire concrete staircase …

Feeling thankful this morning

In a pleasant twist of fate, the weather is going to cooperate, at least for the immediate future.

This means we can hopefully get the steps done today.  This is hugely important because we’re in a deadline and must be able to have State Farm Insurance take pictures of the new steps on Monday, in order to maintain out homeowners …

I pretty excited about today because I’m allowed to be

I’m pretty stoked about today because my Dad and I are going to be replacing the stairs that lead up to our front porch.  The stairs that are seen in the picture below, have been deemed hazardous by my insurance company and we will lose our homeowners if they aren’t replaced immediately.

We have to replace the stairs and the handrail that …

Here’s a long overdue update about many things

Sometimes it’s hard for me to write. This is the case for a number of reasons.  Depression,  exhaustion, life and a few other things, all have a role but I thought I would spend some time today, playing catch-up.

While I try to share as much as I can in regards to our life, there are way more …

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