I’m no longer associated with Guardian Locate 

I’m no longer associated with Guardian Locate 

I have a very important announcement to make and I want to do so in the most tactful way possible. Please understand that I’m not opening this up to questions because I’m not sure it’s appropriate. 

As you may or may not know, I co-founded a company called Guardian Locate. The mission was to provide state of the art tracking devices for people with a propensity to wander. Think kids with Autism or people with Alzheimer’s. 

For the past four or five years, this has been a project that I’ve devoted a great deal of time and energy towards. I’d attached both my name and reputation to this project, which believe it or not, carries some weight in this community. 

As of about a week ago, I’ve terminated my involvement and pulled my endorsement of Guardian Locate.
To be clear, I do not endorse Guardian Locate or its products/services in anyway shape or form. Simply put, I no longer believe in this project and was not comfortable continuing my association. 

The decision was mine and while my family has taken a significant financial hit, sometimes there’s more important things than money.  

Why am I making this announcement? 

I don’t want anyone or any organization making the decision to utilize the products and services that Guardian Locate will provide, based in part, on my involvement. Likewise, I certainly don’t want anyone to avoid Guardian Locate, simply because I’m no longer a part of it. 

As with any purchase, you should always do your research, know what it is you’re looking for and make a decision that’s best for your family. 

I learned a great deal in my time on this project and was able to rub elbows with some true business elites.. I’m grateful for the life lessons and connections I’ve made along the way. 

As I harbor no ill will, I wish Guardian Locate the best of luck. 

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