Never underestimate the impact of a meltdown 

This was one of those days where I spent all the energy I had in morning. 

The boys went to the zoo today and the anticipation/excitement of that kept Emmett from sleeping last night. We camped out on the couch and he did eventually fall asleep, but he didn’t get nearly enough. 

He was a holy terror this morning. Overstimulation, exhaustion and anxiety are not his friends. 

As volatile as he was this morning, when we got to school he was fine. He gave me a super long hug and a kiss, before hopping out of the car and walking into the school. 

I don’t know own how he turns it off like that. Gavin used to do that and it drove me crazy. He’s get Lizze and I all worked up with his behavior and then shut it off, acting like nothing happened. 

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Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy that Emmett went to school happy, but there’s no resolution for the adrenaline rush. It takes a great deal out of me and when I came home, I went to bed. I was pretty much useless until I woke up, partially replenished. 

Never underestimate the impact of a meltdown…