The boys finally slept through the night and I was able to sleep in my own bed. I was in bed by midnight and up at 7AM. 

Lizze was on her way to class before we were up, but I was able to get the boys to school without any significant effort. 

I felt recharged enough to go walking with Gavin, after dropping the boys off… ☺ 

I’m feeling pretty good about today… ☺ 


  1. kimmy gebhardt

    Alright, you mentioned sleeping in your own bed so I have to ask… where is the Casper review? It’s been nearly 3 months and aside from an offhand mention in a post or two, you have done NOTHING for this company who sent you a mattress which retails for close to $1000.

    1. Kim, o wasn’t doing the review for a few months on purpose… I wanted to give it some time and then compare my sleep data. Unfortunately, they Hans t worked out as planned because of issues with the kids at night but that’s what’s going on. You needn’t concern yourself.

  2. mp

    I appreciate you waiting. I’d rather see a full review after the matress has seen some wear and tear. Most mattresses hold up pretty well for a few months. I’m more interested in how well it holds up over time.
    I think it’s great that you are taking the time to do a proper review. As consumers, we need to be able to trust that the people who are reviewing the product aren’t just doing a cursory review. It boosts, market confidence in the product when a thorough trusted reviewer has posted positivr comments on a product.

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