I hope to schedule @CKPHeatingCool as soon as possible 

It’s pushing 2 AM and three of the five of us are still awake because of the heat. It feels so much worse now then it did all day long. 

Lizze and I gave up our room tonight, because it’s the coolest place in the house. Elliott and Emmett have both staked their claims on our king size mattress. Emmett did manage to fall asleep, but Elliott is still awake, and not likely to fall asleep. 

Lizze and I are in the living room, on opposite couches. 

It’s so hard to get comfortable, and moving at all just increases the misery. Poor Elliott is breaking out with heat rash, and is super itchy. Gavin is sleeping off his IVIG infusion, but at least he’s sleeping. 

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I’m going to try and fall asleep, but I don’t like Elliott still being awake. Also, our first floor windows are wife open, and that makes me a bit nervous. 

I can’t wait until we can afford to get the A/C fixed. The kids are miserable, and Sensory issues make this so much worse for the kids. 

That said, we’re going to stay strong, hunker down, and pray for cooler weather.