Here’s the good news

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I wanted to let you all know how Gavin’s eye appointment went today. The reason he was going, aside from needing his glasses prescription stronger, is that he’s having vision problems that can’t be fixed with glasses.

Before he went, I had him write down all the problems he’s experiencing, so he can make sure to tell the doctor. 

Check out the list he made. 

Lizze and my Mom took him today because I was dealing with the A/C repair guy. 

Gavin shared this list of concerns with the doctor, but she didn’t seem concerned. That makes me a little concerned because he losing his vision seems like a pretty big deal.

Physically his eyes checked out, although he needs stronger glasses. 

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He does have an appointment at Akron Children’s Hospital for more testing, and maybe that’s why she didn’t get too much into these things.  

Gavin did really well at the appointment, but he struggled with the eye drops. Other them that, he did awesomely.

Now we need to get these tests done to make sure everything else is okay.