One way I’m keeping my kids with #Autism active 

I’m trying to keep the boys as active as possible this summer. I want them to develop healthier habits, because it will be easier for them to maintain a healthier lifestyle as they get older. 

Right now Gavin’s receiving his IVIG infusion, and depending on how he’s doing afterwards, we may meet up with my Mom at the track. Elliott wants to walk the track, but Emmett not so much. If Grandma is there, he will be more willing. 

The only other obstacle would be weather related. It’s supposed to storm on and off today. 

I want to at least make a concerted effort to make this happen. If it doesn’t, I’ll use the treadmill. 

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  1. kimmy gebhardt

    Do you take water bottles along when you walk? You mentioned in another post that you thought Elliott was dehydrated so having a bottle with him might encourage him to drink. If he dislikes water, try getting some flavor drops or powders to make it more palatable to him. Another thing is to get water into him with food. Most melons are mostly water; so are celery, tomatoes, cucumbers and a bunch of other fruits and vegetables. Outside of being super active in sports or just being outside all day and sweating a lot, there is really no reason for a child to be dehydrated if they’re not sick.

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