We’ve had a very #Autism family kinda day

We’ve had a very Autism family kinda day. Between sensory issues, meltdowns and difficulties communicating, we had an eventful/stressful day. That being said, Lizze and I both voted today, which was eventful but rewarding. You can read about that here.

Therapy went well tonight and while it was cut short due to a scheduling issue, we were able to discuss a few things, mainly Emmett’s recent bout of nightmares. We also talked about some of the things troubling Elliott as well.

At the end of the session, we hadn’t fixed anything but we got our cards on the table and a few directions to go in.

There wasn’t much normal that went on today. I know normal is a relative term but I feel like our day was more heavily influenced by Autism, than it typically is. It wasn’t a bad day by any means but it wasn’t easy either.

Truthfully, there isn’t a day that goes by where Autism isn’t a driving force behind the events we experience. Today was just a bit different because there were quite a few of the stereotypical Autism related challenges. Things like sensory issues, meltdowns, communication difficulties, literal thinking, anxiety and a smidgen of social awkwardness, all took turns driving the car today.

Anyway, we all survived and will live to fight another day. I always remind the boys that each morning brings with it, a clean slate. We can shake off any unpleasantness from the previous day, learn from our mistakes and hopefully do better this time around.. ☺

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