I want to share some good news

I’ve been living at my grandmother’s nursing home for the last couple of days. My brain is completely fried, and I’m exhausted beyond belief.

While I was here yesterday, Lizze got word back from her neurologist about the results of her recent MRI that was done on her brain.

Her doctor contacted her to let her know that everything was normal, and there’s no physical abnormalities in her brain. That means no tumors and the cysts aren’t an issue either. That’s obviously a relief but also frustrating at the same time.

She’s in so much pain all the time, and part of her would have almost been relieved if something had been discovered because then at least we knew the cause of her pain.

That being said we’re very grateful that there’s nothing to worry about and we’ll keep working to find her relief.

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  1. I was hoping the medical marijuana helped a bit. Did that stop working?

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