Is this the whitest building ever?

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We’ve made it to the illustrious Neurological Center for Pain at the always amazing Cleveland Clinic. If you ever visit here, you find yourself in the whitest building ever.

Literally, everything is white. The walls, ceiling, floors, doors, cabinets, etc. It makes everything very bright.

There’s a specific reason for this, and it’s related to their IMATCH program. I will say that it’s a bit overwhelming for me, and I don’t suffer from anything that could be triggered by this.

Anyway, we’re currently tucked away in our usual room and waiting to be seen. Her nurse today was awesome, and we really appreciate how much fun she was to work with. I don’t think we’ve ever had a negative experience at he Cleveland Clinic.

The doctor should be in shortly and until then, I’m staring at some really white walls. 😀

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  • Susan Susan says:

    We just merged with CC & all their facility standards are white, white and white. Did you know they…