I got the kids into the pediatrician last night

The boys were at the doctor's last night and the verdict is in, they're absolutely sick. Emmett has a respiratory infection but no signs of strep throat. He's dealing with a virus and can return to school on Thursday, assuming he doesn't get worse. Elliott has a combo sinus infection and respiratory infection, with some asthma related complications. Because he's not made any improvement in the last week or so, she changed his meds and he should be able to return to school on Thursday, assuming the new antibiotics work. I'm supposed to have the boys to Akron Children's Behavioral Health today. I asked if I should reschedule it but she said no. There's no reason I can't take them. Everyone is moving slowly this morning but in good spirits.…


The kids are really sick and I’m overwhelmed

The boys are both really sick and won't be at school in the morning. Elliott seems to be getting worse and Emmett is quickly catching up. Both are running fevers and I'm going to call Akron Kids in the AM to see if I can get them seen by their pediatrician. Their mom just got over strep throat and Emmett is presenting in a very similar way. Elliott is being treated for bronchitis and he seems like he's struggling more today than he was yesterday. The fever is new and he just sounds awful. I'm worried because he tends to go south quickly when it comes to respiratory issues. His asthma complicates things. He's prone to pneumonia and I just want to stay on top of this. If Emmett has…


We’re starting 2 new medications with hopes that they’ll help

We had an eventful day and I'm fucking exhausted. The boys had their appointments this afternoon at Akron Children's Hospital. The appointments went pretty well. Right now, we're trying to deal with the excessive anxiety and sleep disruption both the boys are experiencing since their mom left earlier this summer. It's very difficult to tease apart ADHD and anxiety because they can present similarly. There hasn't been any major changes anything at this point. We did add a new medication to help with sleep for Elliott and nightmares for Emmett. Elliott is starting Clonidine and Emmett is starting something similar but I can't remember the name. Emmett began his new meds tonight but Elliott will have to wait until tomorrow cause his script hasn't arrived yet. We're hoping that we…


Elliott received a HUGE surprise from @FractureMe

A little while ago, I had shared a picture that Elliott took and it garnered a great deal of attention on Twittee. I've embedded the tweet below. My 13 y/o son took this picture today with his @OnePlus_USA #OnePlus7Pro. I'm so proud of him.. ☺ ♥ Please leave some positive feedback and I'll make sure he sees it. I'm encouraging him to keep moving forward and foster his talent. #Autism #SundayMotivation@yashar pic.twitter.com/TZOkhsB4mZ— Rob Gorski (@The_Autism_Dad) September 29, 2019 Anyway, my friends at Fracture noticed and wanted to do something really nice for Elliott to encourage and foster his love of photography. They wanted to provide his first professional print. The print finally arrived yesterday and well, look for yourself. It's AMAZING.. ☺ It's printed directly on glass and it's beautiful.…


A BIG step in the right direction

For the first time in awhile, I'm parked at the school and waiting for both of the boys to be dismissed. I'm so proud of them. I know it's not easy right now and school is difficult but we have a find a way thorough this dark time in our lives and journey towards a better day. I feel like today was a step in the right direction. We may still face difficulty in this area going forward but for today, they did amazing. So proud of you boys.. ☺ ♥


The most stressful and amazing weekend ever

I haven't written much this weekend. If you follow me on Twitter, you are probably more up to date. Twitter is the best place to keep up with our adventures, especially when I don't have the time or energy to write here. You don't wanna be left out do you? No? Great!! Maybe you should click the link above and then click the follow button. Joking aside, it's been an incredibly stressful weekend but ultimately a very positive one. The main focus was dealing with the car situation or rather the lack of car situation. I do not like car shopping. In fact, it's quite literally one of my absolute least favorite things to do, but sometimes one doesn't have a choice. Emmett and I went car shopping on Saturday.…


No Shirt No Shoes No School

Emmett went to bed not feeling good and still isn't feeling good this morning. Neither is Elliott. They had a blast at the movie last night and didn't even get to bed that late. They're both very stressed out and that would take a toll on anyone. Elliott's hip hurts and Emmett's stomach is upset. Both are going to school because if they don't, they won't be able to visit their mom tonight. If they are too sick to go to school, they're too sick to go anywhere. That's how we've always handled things like this. I'm pretty sure their mom would support that decision. I only push this because it's most likely emotionally based and as shitty as it is that they have to be dealing with this fucked…


I wish he could just be a kid

Gavin and I waited outside the school as we do every single day. Gavin was lost in his game and I was anxiously awaiting the doors to open so I could see how the boys did today. They've both been struggling at school as a result of all the recent changes that have been forced upon them. The good news is that both of them made it through the day. Emmett was in pretty good shape and that's awesome. Elliott on the other hand, had a pretty rough day and it absolutely breaks my heart. When he went to school this morning, he was so stressed out that he'd broken out in hives. Before school, I gave him his new antihistamine that doubles as a mild anti-anxiety medication, hoping that…