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It’s been a really, really long day

It’s been a long day here in The Autism Dad household. We had Gavin to the Cleveland Clinic, and he ended having a surprise EEG. His doctor is concerned about his level of confusion, and I guess this will provide him with some insight. Gavin did great, but we won’t… Read more »

We’re seeing some concerning behavior

Tonight’s therapy was focused on Emmett and his struggles with frustration. There are a ton of moving parts to this situation and to further complicate things; we can likely add puberty to the mix as well. We think that we may have to adjust his ADHD meds as well. He’s… Read more »

Coping with Frustration

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The boys had a great day at school today and that great day day quickly went downhill after arriving home. Lately, Emmett has been struggling in the coping with frustration area of his life. He goes from zero to full-on rage in nothing flat. While he has legitimate reasons to… Read more »

Today’s Victory: The Good, The Concerning and The Cause for Celebration

Yesterday after picking the kids up from school, I dropped Elliott off at home before taking Emmett to an ADHD med-check. When a child is on ADHD medication, there are frequent medication checks for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, it’s about making sure the medication is still the… Read more »

Emmett set the bar for bravery incredibly high today

It’s been a really long day but it’s also been a pretty good one as well. Emmett’s dentist appointment went well and he kicked ass. They fixed his tooth and he didn’t even need numbed up. I think it took a total of 5 minutes. He was nervous but very… Read more »

A meltdown inducing dentist appointment today

We have an exciting day planned and by exciting I mean not fun at all. Mr. Emmett is returning to the dentist this afternoon because he has a baby tooth that needs fixed. When he was at the dentist a month ago, we discovered that he had the start of… Read more »

Yes there was a meltdown but I’m still super proud

We had another rougher morning with Mr. Emmett today. He was thrown off for a couple of reasons. For starters, he forgot to do his take-home work from yesterday. He was very upset with himself for that but he never forgets that kind of stuff. Secondly, he was going to… Read more »