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My heart is breaking for my kids

The kids got off to school, but Elliott was already struggling before he left. To his credit, he went anyway and I’m proud of him for pushing himself. I know it’s not easy for him or Emmett but it’s only been a month and they need time to heal. Being Autistic, likely means that this …

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My kids aren’t doing well and one of them couldn’t make it through the school day

I had a busy day planned but unfortunately, it derailed by 9:30 AM. I got the kids to school without much problem. Everyone was fine and I thought – and this is where I went wrong – I thought everything was going to be okay. Gavin and I went walking and I took him for …

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The 11 year old I am not sleeping at night

It was a rough night. I don’t feel like I got much sleep at all and there’s an eleven year old reason for that. I mentioned this in the previous post as well. Mr. Emmett is not doing well at night. Between bad dreams and taking up the entire width of my king size bed, …

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We spent the morning with @AkronChildrens behavioral health

We just got home from Emmett’s appointment at Akron Children’s Hospital a little while ago and Emmett’s appointment went really well. There were no major changes to his medications for right now. We feel as though there is simply too much going on at the moment to judge whether or not he needs a different …

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How @AkronChildrens helped me protect my youngest son today

For the most part, our morning has gone on without too many issues, and any issues that we did have were quickly overcome. That’s a pretty good feeling. I dropped Elliott off at school before taking Emmett to get some shots and Gavin to flget his blood work. We headed to Akron Children’s Hospital new …

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Things didn’t go so well at school

I know in an earlier post, I was optimistic about Elliott making it through the day at school. Here’s the background on that. Unfortunately, Elliott left school very upset this afternoon. He wanted to come home but didn’t speak up because he didn’t want to disrupt his class. I’m not sure what that’s all about. …

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