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Sensory processing issues get in the way again

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Trying to get the kids ready for school can be like herding cats at times. There are a million reasons for that. Sometimes it’s pretty kid typical and just not wanting to get out of bed, or simply dragging their feet while getting ready. Other times it can be more… Read more »

An uncomfortable night’s sleep on our dilapidated couch

After an insanely uncomfortable night’s sleep on our dilapidated couch, I woke to Emmett feeling much better. He had a really difficult night and ended up puking. Emmett finally fell asleep on the recliner and I passed out shortly after he did. He’s feeling much better but I’m having him… Read more »

We just can’t catch a freaking break

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We were able to get all our running around done today without too many problems. Gavin had some problems but nothing we couldn’t handle. He had an off day and just seemed like he was lost. I don’t know what’s going on with him but hopefully, he’ll be in a better place… Read more »

We’re praying this finally helps Emmett with his pain

Today’s trip to the immunologist was very trying for me personally. It felt absolutely chaotic and frustrating because everyone was experiencing some degree of anxiety. That made them difficult to manage as well as very, very loud. I always find it odd how my kids can be very sensitive to… Read more »

There was blood everywhere and it looked like a crime scene

This morning has been a fucking nightmare. All I needed to do was get everyone to the doctors. We were all going to the same place. I was mentally prepared for the challenges associated with that because most of them are predictable.. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned. We’re trying… Read more »

I’m embracing this moment for as long as I can

Emmett is feeling better this morning and that’s awesome. He can’t return to school today though because he has to be clear of a fever for 24 hours and he hasn’t been yet. If he remains fever free at lunchtime, he’ll be good. ☺ Tomorrow we will be at his… Read more »

I had to really prepare Emmett for his doctor appointment today

Emmett did really well at his impromptu doctor appointment this morning. He needed to be seen because he’s running a fever and presenting with what looks like strep throat. Poor Emmett won’t talk because it hurts too much and Advil doesn’t seem to help. Anyway, on the way to the… Read more »