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Why we almost didn’t make it to school

We had a rough day in our house. It began in the morning and revolved around Emmett’s new haircut. The previous night, Emmett had asked me to cut his hair really short. He said buzz cut. He’s had it done in the past and loved it. Lizze was not too… Read more »

The reason my youngest is distressed is heartbreaking for me

There are times when I can distance myself from my feelings, focus on facts and remain objective. There are also times like tonight when I can’t and emotions rule the roost. I’ve mentioned recently that Emmett, my youngest of three Autistic boys, is struggling lately. He’s been the focus of… Read more »

I almost had to kick in my son’s bedroom door tonight

We had an incident tonight that sorta derailed our evening. I had assigned everyone a chore to do after we got home from dinner. They were all simple things like feeding the dog and changing the trash. I asked Emmett to split up the new bottle of hand sanitizer between… Read more »

Just added a 3rd doctors appointment this week

We already have two out of town doctors appointments this week. The first is for Elliott, and it’s in Akron, and the second is in Cleveland for Mr. Gavin. This translates to a shitload of driving that will far exceed the actual time spent in each appointment. Now we’re adding… Read more »

It’s unbelievable what sometimes goes into getting my kids to school in the morning

It’s already been an eventful morning, after a long night. When we last spoke, it was about 1 AM, and the boys were unable to sleep. Elliott fell asleep shortly after that but Emmett could not. His legs were hurting him too much, and he ended up sleeping in between… Read more »

Poor Emmett is absolutely miserable

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It was a long night. Emmett slept until 2 AM before waking up in a panic because his eye was glued shut. I applied warm compresses until I was able to pry his eyelids apart. I’m not gonna lie; it was gross. The good news was that my eyes opened… Read more »