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Welcome to the f*cking brink of insanity

I’m getting very close to the end of my rope today and teetering on the brink of insanity. My kids are amazing and I love the completely. They are, however, struggling a great deal and it’s impacting every aspect of our lives. Elliott has been in a horrible mood, all day long. He’s being mean …

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This kids inspires me every single day

A rough night lead to a challenging morning but all was not lost. Emmett had nightmares all night long. They were particularly cruel and unrelenting this time. To make matters worse, he woke up around 5:30 AM with a nose bleed. By the time the alarm went off, he was pretty much on the verge …

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Have I said how proud of him I am?

This week marks another step towards getting Emmett back to school full time. As of bedtime, he was maintaining a positive outlook and I’m so proud of him for that. The plan for this week is to stay at school for 2 – 2.5 hours before I come pick him up. I think he’s going …

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We finally have a plan to help my youngest

We finally have a workable plan, at least in theory, to help Emmett get back to school. Again, this is a nonperfect approach to a very challenging and fluid situation, but it’s a plan nonetheless. Emmett is dealing with some very serious emotional challenges right now and it’s interfering with every aspect of his life, …

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I’m really struggling with my youngest

Just a quick update on Emmett. I haven’t heard anything from the school as to what our options are. I did talk to his therapist tonight and our goal is to get him back into the classroom but we also recognize that this will likely be a process. Right now the plan is at home …

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There’s no way to prepare for your child being in crisis

Emmett didn’t go to school today and I took him with me walking this morning. I’m really struggling with this but I still need to take care of myself. It’s not a perfect solution but in the absence of any workable options, I’m doing the best I can. All I will say is that what …

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