I need to figure out what’s causing my son with #autism such distress

Emmett was happy walking down the hallway to greet me after school today.  I love his and Elliott’s smile. ☺

Everything changed the moment he got into the car. 


He melted down and just sorta exploded because I asked him how he enjoyed his lunch.  I knew he didn’t eat most of it and I explained that the only reason I want to know is so that I can pack the things he will eat. 

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I doubt it had anything to do with my question or the topic.  It’s probably that he held it together all day and just need to purge. 

Either way, it sucked for everyone, especially him. 

I really want to know what’s causing this anxiety in regards to school for my littlest minion…

Unfortunately,  as well as Emmett can talk,  his expressive skills are still very much lacking. .

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