We might be staring down the barrel of another fever disorder?

As of this moment in time, Elliott is fever free. I'm not sure if he's actually sick or not because he seems to run fevers (usually low grade but higher than Emmett) and not show any symptoms. This is where my sleep deprivation comes into play because it's never really occurred to me that Elliott may be dealing with something similar to Emmett. Elliott's never shown any of the symptoms that Emmett does, aside from the fevers. Emmett gets horrible mouth sores and frankly, is a nightmare to deal with but understandably so. That's probably why it hasn't occurred to me before. If you look at the screenshot of Elliott's thermal history, you can see that he's running hot relatively frequently. This doesn't include all the time he's been dealing…


He just breaks down in tears 

Emmett is very unpleasant today. He's freaking out over every single thing that doesn't go right. Any tiny imperfection is leading to a massive meltdown.  He's still running a low grade fever, and is about waist deep inside of a fever flare.  Emmett is a difficult kid on a good day, but he's never like this unless he's in a fever flare. He's even more overly sensitive to all sensory input than he normally is and it's making things very unpleasant for him.  If we try to calm him down and comfort him, he just breaks down in tears.  Honestly, I'm really, really frustrated right now, because I'm so tired of being screamed at. I also understand that Emmett is absolutely miserable, and not enjoying things at all. I know…


Why lunch was a sensory nightmare

Emmett's still in the opening stretch of his current fever cycle, and he's incredibly difficult to manage as a result. I've mentioned before that when he's in a fever flare, many of his Autism related challenges are exacerbated.  Typically, the biggest challenge during the period of time the flare is active is sensory related.  He becomes so much more sensitive to everything around him.  Making lunch today was a nightmare that resulted in a massive, but relatively short lived meltdown. It had to do with a pepperoni sandwich that wasn't perfect.  Sometimes he likes to make his own sandwich because it must be perfect. I should also add that he rarely ever eats a sandwich because he rarely eats bread. I don't know why it's okay sometimes and not okay…


Heartbreaking: Emmett had a really rough night

I didn't write much yesterday because it was a rather trying day. Whenever I don't publish at least three or four posts a day, it's a safe bet that things aren't going so well. Yesterday was full of challenges related to Emmett's fever disorder. He was in a horrible mood for most of the day and had zero tolerance for pretty much everything. I lost track of the meltdowns, but there were quite a few.  I personally had the hardest time when it came to dinner. There wasn't anything in the house that he would eat.  Emmett's tough to feed on a good day, very challenging to feed on a bad day, and impossible when he's in a fever cycle. Last night was one of those impossible times, and it…


Living in #meltdown Hell 

It's safe to say that we are officially inside a fever cycle. If you look at the image below, you can see Emmett's temperatures over the last couple of weeks. We crossed over the 100°F threshold, that is typical of a fever flare. If that wasn't evidence enough, his demeanor has been a kick in the nuts. Yesterday afternoon we went Pokémon hunting/walking in North Canton. The idea was having some fun while getting a bit of exercise. Things were good until we got there and Emmett was out of Pokeballs. The moment we pulled into the parking lot, Elliott caught a Pikachu with a hat on. I guess that's a big deal. Emmett couldn't get it because he needed to find a Pokestop first. Anyway, the trip was a…


I know he’s miserable 

Emmett is very clearly in a fever flare. He's in a horrible place, and seems to have lost his ability to talk without screaming. He's been screaming all morning.  I know he's miserable, and I don't blame him for any of this but it's not easy to maintain the mindset, when there's so much screaming.  I wanted to share a time line of sorts, that show his temperature as a fever flare is overtaking him. 


An unbelievably difficult afternoon 

It's been a mixed bag this afternoon. Everyone is glad Mommy is home, but it's also been a long weekend. Elliott's doing well, but Emmett is really struggling. I'm fairly certain that Emmett is entering into a fever cycle. I've been tracking his temperature over the last few days and it's been mostly 99°F or higher. That's not technically a fever but it is indicative of a fever cycle, along with inflamed joints. He's been unbelievably difficult this afternoon. He's overreacting to everything, melting down as a result, and driving me crazy. The poor kid is miserable, and there isn't anything we can do aside from extending an insane amount of patience his way. On a positive note, Nokia Health sent me something pretty amazing, and it's been a huge…


All signs point to a fever cycle

After a long night, Elliott appears to be feeling much better. Emmett on the other hand, is still not feeling well. He's got a large mouth sore, and is running a minor fever. All signs point to a fever cycle.  Emmett is not in the best mood, and I can't exactly blame him.  I'm hoping that he feels better as the day goes on.