An unbelievably difficult afternoon 

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It’s been a mixed bag this afternoon. Everyone is glad Mommy is home, but it’s also been a long weekend. Elliott’s doing well, but Emmett is really struggling.

I’m fairly certain that Emmett is entering into a fever cycle. I’ve been tracking his temperature over the last few days and it’s been mostly 99°F or higher. That’s not technically a fever but it is indicative of a fever cycle, along with inflamed joints.

He’s been unbelievably difficult this afternoon.

He’s overreacting to everything, melting down as a result, and driving me crazy. The poor kid is miserable, and there isn’t anything we can do aside from extending an insane amount of patience his way.

On a positive note, Nokia Health sent me something pretty amazing, and it’s been a huge help in tracking these fever cycles. I’ll be doing a full review shortly, but it’s really cool..

Anyway, after a forty-five-minute struggle this afternoon, Emmett finally was in a place to take on the track. We all went for a nice thirty-minute walk and that went pretty okay. 

Trying to find dinner for Emmett was an absolute disaster though. He’s impossible to feed on a good day, but when he’s in a flare, forget it.

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Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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