We might be staring down the barrel of another fever disorder?

As of this moment in time, Elliott is fever free. I’m not sure if he’s actually sick or not because he seems to run fevers (usually low grade but higher than Emmett) and not show any symptoms.

This is where my sleep deprivation comes into play because it’s never really occurred to me that Elliott may be dealing with something similar to Emmett. Elliott’s never shown any of the symptoms that Emmett does, aside from the fevers. Emmett gets horrible mouth sores and frankly, is a nightmare to deal with but understandably so.

That’s probably why it hasn’t occurred to me before. If you look at the screenshot of Elliott’s thermal history, you can see that he’s running hot relatively frequently. This doesn’t include all the time he’s been dealing with fevers, just the ones where we remember to sync the Thermo before shutting it off.

This doesn’t necessarily mean anything but it’s definitely worth talking to our immunologist about. There’s definitely a pattern and I’ll have to begin tracking his temperature a few times a day to document what’s happening. This will help our doctor determine is there’s something going on.

PFAPA (That’s the name of Emmett fever disorder) is very rare. In fact, I’ve only spoken with one or two families that share the same diagnosis. That’s in all the years I’ve been writing and out of everyone who’s ever read my blog.

While there isn’t much in the way or understanding or research into PFAPA, there’s likely a genetic link.

I don’t know if it can show up later in life or not. Perhaps we simply didn’t notice before because Elliott presents differently than Emmett. The only other thing we know for sure is that stress makes it much worse. Poor Elliott has been a ball of stress and anxiety his entire life.

I think we’ll just quietly watch this for the short-term because we have an upcoming appointment with immunology anyway.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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