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Bad News: Gavin’s Hallucinations Have Gotten Worse

I’m heartbroken to share some of Gavin’s latest hallucinations.. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers..

Psychotic Break: Very important information on how Gavin’s doing (video) 

I’m about to share some very important, first hand insight into what it’s like for Gavin to be psychotic. The video is family friendly and was recorded with Gavin’s permission.

Heartbreak: We learned more about Gavin’s condition today

We spent some time today, learning more about Gavin’s current condition and it truly is heartbreaking

How it feels to watch my son struggle with a form of #Schizophrenia

I share some really personal thoughts on what it’s like for me as a father, to watch my son struggle with schizophrenic hallucinations…. This is some deep shit but I also share how I cope with this as we.

The good news is that Gavin wasn’t really poisoned yesterday but the bad news is more concerning

Gavin has been living with Schizoaffective disorder for a decade and he’s cycled into a psychotic episode. The stuff I heard from him today is causing me to be more concerned. Here’s what happened..

I spoke with Gavin about “who’s trying to kill him”

I had a rather strange conversation with Gavin today about who or what is trying to kill him…. This is such a difficult situation and it’s not easy to know what the right thing to do is…. 😔

I’m pretty sure Gavin’s manic, maybe psychotic and here’s why

“Just so we’re clear, he’s referring to a secret base, inside the head of a giant robot, inside of his real life bedroom, that only he can see. 😔…..”