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We made a difficult decision about Gavin’s current emotional status

I meant to publish this update the other day but I’ve been a bit distracted. Lizze and I met with Dr. Pattie on Tuesday night to discuss what we should do in regards to Gavin’s current psychotic break.  The reality is that there is very little that we can do, aside from possibly adjusting his …

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We have a very serious decision to make

I heard back from Gavin’s psychiatrist today and we have a very, very difficult decision to make, in regards to Gavin’s current psychotic break.  Dr. Reynolds explained that we can increase Gavin’s Clozapine dose back up to 800mg a day, if we feel he’s that bad or that far gone.  He’s currently on 600mg/day right …

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I’m worried that Gavin’s begun cracking at the seams

The bad news is that I think Gavin’s current emotional state is beginning to takes its toll on him, in a not so good way….

Heartbroken and Frustrated: We’ve been unable to help Gavin so far

Here’s a really frustrating update about Gavin’s current psychotic break

Schizophrenic Hallucinations: Gavin opens up about his latest mission (video) 

“……….aside from the death threats he’s been receiving from Eggman lately and a bit more paranoia than I’m comfortable with, these have been relatively benign.”

Gavin’s condition is getting worse 

Gavin’s level of paranoia is increasing and that’s not a good thing at all. This is what we’re doing about it at this point.

Bad News: Gavin’s Hallucinations Have Gotten Worse

I’m heartbroken to share some of Gavin’s latest hallucinations.. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers..

Psychotic Break: Very important information on how Gavin’s doing (video) 

I’m about to share some very important, first hand insight into what it’s like for Gavin to be psychotic. The video is family friendly and was recorded with Gavin’s permission.