I have some bad news to share about Gavin

It’s odd that this should happen the day after I write an update on Gavin but thats just the way the cards were dealt. 

Do you remember me mentioning that I suspected that Gavin was manic? It was a few days ago but today I got an unpleasant surprise visit from Sonic the Hedgehog and while I couldn’t see him, Gavin certainly does. 

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He talked about how he and Sonic are playing on his tablet.  Gavin was really excited to have Sonic watch him as he played one of his games. 

All I can do is nod, smile and play along.. It’s heartbreaking but it’s also a permanent part of who he is and as long as these things he sees are positive in nature, I’m going to just count that as a blessing because it could be so much worse. 

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I don’t know how else to really look at this….. â˜ș 😦



  1. Michael Goldberg, MD

    As per previous comment, know this is very difficult, but there can be another option. Thankfully, with proper therapy, most of these children can be very functional, not truly schizophrenic or psychotic. . the brain is playing huge tricks on these poor children. Please look at postings and real medical approach for Gavin and so many others. In meantime highly recommend a very strict diet (see postings). Might start to help his brain immediately. Good luck. . Gavin and so many other children must be helped – now, not decades from now /mjg

    1. Gavin is one of those rare cases of schizoaffective disorder. You’re right thatost of these types of cases are misdiagnosed but in Gavin’s case, everything has been done by the book. The same goes for all my kids. I’ve never just accepted a diagnosis. With the Cleveland Clinic, Akron Children’s Hospital and Dr. Reynolds on our medial and mental health support team, everything gets double and triple checked.

      Gavin is a very unique case and between his physical and emotional health, there aren’t many out there like him.

      Again, I ask if you could share more specifically what you’re concerned about. I’m not offended by good discussion and I’m always open to improving my kids lives. Those who were involved in the emotional and physical health care of Gavin especially, are among the best in the country. We are very lucky to live where we are because we have access to them..

      I look forward to hearing back from you..

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