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What makes a corndog inedible? 

This is my life, and as a parent to three with Autism, I deal with this stuff every single meal, of every single day. My goal with this post is to help put into context, what both people with Autism and their families or caregivers, deal with.  The pictures below are just one example of …

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Why lunch was a sensory nightmare

Emmett’s still in the opening stretch of his current fever cycle, and he’s incredibly difficult to manage as a result. I’ve mentioned before that when he’s in a fever flare, many of his Autism related challenges are exacerbated.  Typically, the biggest challenge during the period of time the flare is active is sensory related.  He …

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Handling meals in an #Autism household

Keeping it simple for dinner tonight. While I was able to go shopping last week, I wasn’t able to go extensive shopping.  I rarely actually cook anymore because no one ever eats the same thing.  We try to stock things we know the boys will usually eat. Things like Ramen Noodles, chicken nuggets, hardboiled eggs, …

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He won’t even eat corn dogs anymore 

The continuing saga of Emmett no longer eating the things he historically has, keeps getting worse. In this latest chapter, he no longer eats his most favorite food of all time.  There have been two goto foods that Emmett has always been able to eat, should all else fail. One is Little Caesars pizza, and …

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Feeding Emmett is getting more challenging 

I wanted to share a quick example of why it’s so hard to keep Emmett, my youngest with Autism, fed.  Below you will see a picture of a piece of pizza that Emmett wanted to eat this morning. After heating it up however, he began to panic and ultimately decided that he couldn’t eat it …

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Has anyone faced this bizarre #sensory processing issue before? 

Recently, Emmett has been struggling a great deal more with eating. If you’ve followed our story for awhile, you might recall that we have an enormous challenge when it comes to Emmett and eating. He’s extremely sensory oriented and struggles with things like food, clothes, noise and shitload of anxiety. The anxiety serves to make …

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Can you relate to this 1 major challenge of #Autism Parenting? 

I find it incredibly difficult to ensure that my kids with Autism maintain a balanced diet. For that matter, I have such a hard time simply getting my kids to eat anything. We are very much a sensory oriented family and that presents many obstacles for me as a parent. The biggest being how unbelievably …

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Anything related to food is so stressful for my #Autism family 

“A picky eater will eat when they’re hungry enough. An Autism and sensory kid will literally starve themselves if a food isn’t sensory friendly”