Today's Victory: They tried new food tonight but did they like it -

Today’s Victory: They tried new food tonight but did they like it

I picked the boys up from school this afternoon and both had a good day. I didn’t hear any complaints about anything and I’m happy with that. ☺

On the way home, we stopped at Little Ceasars to pick up stuff for their lunches tomorrow but when we arrived, they were closed for remodeling. I don’t know if something happened or if it was just a remodeling but either way, I wasn’t able to get the kids the only things they’ll eat in their lunches.

Emmett has only been eating Little Ceasars Crazy Bread and Elliott is still only eating their pizza in their school lunches.

The car still needs fixed and I didn’t want to drive much farther because of it.

I ended up ordering East of Chicago and I took a gamble on their bread sticks, hoping that Emmett would be okay with them. Neither Elliott or Emmett were excited because this wasn’t what they were used to. That said, they tried it and it looks like it’ll work for tomorrow.

As long as we get through tomorrow, we can worry about Monday later.

For now, I’m hoping to just make it through one more day and it looks like that may be what happens. ☺

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