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We had an UNBELIEVABLE surprise today (Must See)

It’s been an amazing day and I’ll go into more detail tomorrow. I’m not feeling well at the moment and I’m going to try to go to bed early. I put together a quick video, showing you guys the martial arts promotion from today. I’m not going to ruin the… Read more »

Who gets sick on the last day of school?

Today is the last day of school for this school year. Unfortunately, I’m currently awake with Mr. Elliott, because he’s feeling very nauseated, and can’t sleep. I should have seen this coming because he went to bed with a relatively low grade fever. Lizze and I were going to see… Read more »

We had to make a pit stop after school

We had to make a pit stop after school I picked up Mr. Emmett today from school and he was really excited because he was able to bring him his karate ghee home. They get to keep their ghee at the end of the school year. It something the kids… Read more »

Racism in America: This should NEVER be acceptable (NSFW) 

I came across this tonight and was really caught off guard. It shows that racism and hate are alive and well in today’s America. There are some unpleasant and offensive words used in this video, but I sat down with my family and had them watch this with me. This… Read more »

Why I’m worried about Gavin today

It started out like a typical Monday morning. It wasn’t anything amazingly awesome, or horrifically terrible. The boys were tough to get moving but we got to school on time.  After dropping the boys off at school, I told Gavin to get his infusion supplies together. Every Monday and Friday… Read more »

Check out Elliott’s Martial Arts Promotion in less than 1 minute

You’ve probably already seem Emmett’s promotion montage. This time it’s Elliott’s turn, and just like with Emmett, I’m so proud of Elliott. He did awesome, and we totally enjoyed watching him do his thing. ☺  Check out the short video that summarizes the event in less than a minute, and… Read more »

Watch Emmett’s Martial Arts Promotion in less than 1 minute

Last Friday, both Elliott and Emmett had Martial Arts Promotion at school. I’ve got pictures and video of both. The boys did awesome, and we couldn’t be any prouder of them.  The video below, summarizes Emmett’s promotion. Elliott will have his own post as well.  Mr. Emmett was promoted to… Read more »