So Emmett asked the most interesting question today

As a Dad, I’m always fielding questions from my kids, often the questions are repetitive in nature but every once in awhile, Emmett asks a really interesting question that I simply can’t answer.

This morning, Emmett wanted to know how animals or insects breathe when they’re inside on their egg?

I’ve got to admit, I’m completely stumped and told him that we would have to ask Google. 

For a 7 year old kid, that’s a pretty damn good question. 

I haven’t looked it up yet but I thought I would see if anyone knows the answer without having to consult Google.  😉


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Eggs have tiny pores much like our skin. The pores allow for exchange of gasses and will also allow some exchange of moisture and chemicals. We use pencils rather than markers to date our eggs to ensure the 3ggs don’t soak up the ink. Eggs are also covered in a natural bloom of bacteria that keeps the egg healthy. When you wash the egg, you remove that layer, which allows unfriendlies into the egg. Naturally grown eggs can sit unwashed on the counter for a week or more unlike store bought eggs, which must stay refigerated since they’ve been washed.… Read more »