John Oliver exposes how televangelists are ripping people off, in a hilarious way **Must See**

If you haven’t seen John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight, you’re missing out. Tune in every Sunday on HBO…

I wanted to start sharing these because not only are his monologues amazing, they’re also incredibly entertaining as well. We all need to laugh and this is a great way to actually learn something while you’re doing it..

This is probably not appropriate for kids…

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@Mo The sites mostly pay for themselves, bring in revenue and provide a service to the special needs community. There is one iPad in the house and my kids have tablets they received several years ago. Also, if you were paying attention, this video was found on youtube and that’s where I watched it. Thanks for judging me without knowing me… 🙂


Hold up. You have premium cable channels, Internet, pay for your domains, everyone has iPads or whatever and you can’t keep the gas on? Priorities man.

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