Divorce: I don’t know what to do with the pictures of my wife and I

Last night I was filtering throu my Dropbox to find for my .

I wasn’t really thinking I guess because I found pictures that I just don’t know what to do with anymore. The pictures in question are of my wife and I before she left. 

I wouldn’t get rid of the pictures of her and the kids because the boys might want to see them someday. 

The pictures taken of just my wife and I are really painful to see. When I see them, everything that has happened just sorta washes away and I wish I could be in that moment once again. 

I don’t know what to do with these memories frozen in time.. Keeping them seems pointless because they’ll never happen again but throwing them away or deleting the seems wrong. 

When I stumble across one of these pictures, they always bring tears and heartache. 💔

I was wondering what you folks have done if you’ve experienced similar events in your life??

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  • Darcyd

    I moved outta the home & outta the state for a couple of years & had no home to call my own & no space so I left everything with my EX. I didn’t want them anyway, I knew he wasn’t going to reminisce & I sure didn’t care to. You could always ask your EX if she wants them. If on the computer stick them in a hidden file & if actual store them in a box hidden away.

  • Karalyn Fett

    Just stash them in a box out of sight and out of mind. If the boys want to see them you can take them down. If not they’re at least put away to ease your comfort.

  • Thanks… I wish I could move out of the house as well.. What I need to do is remove them from the mix. Maybe as aim come across them, I can relocate them so I don’t accidentally stumble across them…

  • dotdash

    No direct experience but this:

    In a bunch of my parents’ old stuff, I found a picture of some friends with their then-3 year old son (now my age).  I sent it to him and he was overjoyed to see it because apparently both parents threw away all the mom+dad+kid when they got divorced.  He didn’t know what they looked like in the days when they were all a family.

  • That’s a good point. I would never get rid of or pics with her and the boys. I was just talking about pictures of her and I alone…. That said, the boys may want to see those as well…. Thanks for sharing because that’s something to think about,,,,

  • Jen Bradshaw

    Mine are boxed up. My wedding album in that box. When’s kids are older they can have them if they want. Marriage was a huge part of life, my ex has known me over half of my life. I can’t just erase it. I made two large photo collages of my and my kids. Now the ex was involved during that time but he is not in any of those photos. I chose to focus only and my kids and let them know that no matter where we were in our lives, they are what matters to me. I have no photos out in open of my ex. Sometimes I do open that box because in that wedding album are photos of people whom have passed.
    It’s not a way for me to forget, but a way for me to move forward and focus on me and my kids. Everyone knows my kids have a , they do see him but I just don’t need / want his face in my house looking at me. Haha.
    You will get there. It will be difficult but you will get there.

  • Amy A

    We are in similar  situations, one year in.  My thought has been pick the favorites and put together a photo album.  Set one aside per child, that way, when they are older they will have those memories, but they cont have to be in your constant sight,

  • JulieSullivanRelunia

    Download them.. Put them on a CD.. And put them in the boys baby memory boxes. You can pull it out when Emmett’s getting married and put together a slideshow or something for him. Or at graduation.. Or.. Or.. Or.. Right now-painful… 10 years from now.. A memory if how your boys came to be. That’s important too.

  • Julie Kinsolving

    Keep them.

  • Mari Gilbert Goodman

    Bon fire????

  • Cherie Forbes

    You don’t have to decide right now, Your boys may want to look at them one day though.

  • Tina Banks

    Put them away. They hurt now but one day they will make you smile and remember happy times.

  • Bianca Beckett

    I have put mine in a separate box with our wedding album, I wanted to burn them but kids know they’re there for themU0001f60a hope this helps

  • Bianca Beckett

    Lol my first thought

  • Kim Williams

    Keep them for the boys. Maybe one small framed picture in each of their rooms now as a reminder they were born (and in Gavin’s case, chosen) from love – and the rest put away til they’re older.

  • Rebecca Bishop Curriden

    So, I come from a time before pictures were kept online with my first . I put the pictures in a shoebox and kept them for our daughter. When she was 18, I gave the shoebox to her and let her choose what to do with them. I know they hurt & remind you of a time when you thought all was good, but one day your children may want them. I agree with Cherie; you don’t have to decide right now. Maybe you could make a folder and sort them into that folder (talking about on the PC; not physically) to keep them separate or place them on a flash drive and put it in a box for your kids.Should the day come that they ask or want to see them, you have them.

  • Kelly Clark

    Keep them, I’m not sure why you feel the need to stress yourself about them this early añyway…js

  • Sara L. Frank Walker

    Keep them for your children. Put them on a memory stick or something. They are painful for you to see now, but someday the kids will want to have photos of their parents. It’s their history too.

  • Natacha Wadsworth

    Ive kept everything. He is still my kids . And he is still a huge part of their lives. So for me its natural to have it where they can access it if and when they want to.