Here’s what happened at the Cleveland Clinic

Here’s what happened at the Cleveland Clinic

I’m going to do my best to explain what happens yesterday at the Cleveland Clinic and I’m going to try and make this shirt and sweet. 

For starters, Gavin’s okay. 

The eye exam part of his appointment showed no issues in structure but functionality would require further testing. That would only take place if the genetic testing comes back positive. 

They took detailed picture of his teeth and eyes to further document where he is currently so changes would be easier to track. 

Right now we just have to wait for the results of his DNA breakdown. 

I should also add that this is all done free of charge because Gavin is now part of the a research project trying to learn more about this extremely rare disorder called Jalili Syndrome. 

After this is done and regardless of the result, they want Gavin to be seen my a medical geneticist for a complete chromosomal breakdown or something like that. 

 This is where they would break down everything  and we would literally learn everything there is to know about Gavin’s makeup. 

They said this would require some thought because some people don’t want to know the things that we find out from this kind of test. 

Anyway, the appointment itself didn’t last very long and Gavin did really well. 

The only issues I had with him revolved around him getting frustrated with himself for having to constantly go to the bathroom. 

He did great for the blood work and all the waiting we had to do. 

The main struggle was physically getting there but that’s for the next post.  

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers sent our way because they were definitely felt and absolutely appreciated.  ❤️

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