Someone killed my neighbors dog :(

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I was letting Maggie out tonight and one of my neighbors came over and to talk. It was well after midnight so I knew something was wrong. 

He informed me that his dog Sam had been killed. 😔

Sam was a really sweet dog, puppy rather. 

I’m saddened to say that someone threw ground hamburger packed with broken glass into their yard, Sam ate it and later, passed away. 

The vet found the ground hamburger and broken glass during the autopsy that was required for the police report. 

This neighborhood is just horrible and I’m so sorry for my friends loss. I’m horrified by what that poor dog must have gone through. 💔

He wanted to make sure that I walked through my yard before letting Maggie out, so this doesn’t happen to her. Guess I know what I’ll be doing half a dozen or more times a day now. 

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I need to get myself and the boys out of here. 

Maybe you can send some positive thoughts their way.