This is why I’m so worried about my kids

I’m very much overwhelmed by the boys at this point.  I love them completely and will never give up but I’m absolutely overwhelmed. 

Earlier in the week I shared a post about how Dr. Pattie and I are concerned about the boys (Elliott and Emmett) and the emotional challenges they seem to be facing.  

No one is labeling them with anything but their behavior is very concerning.  

Elliott overreacts to everything and it’s usually because he misinterprets what he hears. His perception can be skewed and he reacts based on what he thinks or feels is going on around him. 

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He gets so bent out of shape over simple words and is frequently screaming I hate being me. It’s so heartbreaking. 💔

Emmett is beginning to do the same.  

The concern is that they come by this naturally and we have to intervene in order to get the train back in the tracks. 

While the above is true, there is also so much going on in their lives right now that there’s really no way to know for sure what’s what. 

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In other words, we aren’t sure what’s biological, what’s learned, what’s situational or if there’s some combination of the three. 

The huge thing we have going in our favor is that the boys are so young that we can hopefully get the train back on the tracks. The other thing is that my kids are truly amazing and they’ve overcome so much already. 

Plus, they’ve got a pretty rad Dad, at least from what I hear. lol

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Seriously though, my kids can drive me crazy and they do, but they also inspire me on a daily basis. 

I’ll never give up on them or lose hope for their future. I just just don’t know how to do that.  

This does make life even more challenging but with school back in session, they will be back in their routine and I’ll be able to better myself so I can be better for them. ❤️❤️😀😀👍👍

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