It doesn’t look like good news

It doesn’t look like good news

Just got back from the vet with Maggie and it’s not very good news. 

On the positive side, the lump on her chest is just a fatty cyst and is of no concern. The lum on her right leg is a different story all together. 

The bet said that it’s hard like a rock, attached to somethings internally and growing rapidly. 

She explained that it needs removed right away. Right away turns out to be next Thursday morning. 

They will put her under the knife in the morning and remove the tumor. Once removed, they will decide if it’s going to need a biopsy or not. 

If it does need a biopsy, they will let me know and I’ll need to approve the additional cost. 

Gavin went with me and so he’s aware but has already forgotten. The boys won’t know anything until I know something for sure. The last thing they need is to carry the weight of this new worry.  

Thoughts and prayers would be much appreciated.  

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