The boys are gone for the night but I’m not able to relax

I had this really nice post all planned out. The boys are at their Moms until noon on Saturday and the house is quiet as a result. 

Rather than use this time to relax, I can’t stop thinking about Maggie. 

She goes in for surgery next Thursday to remove a tumor that has the vet very concerned. I haven’t said anything to the boys yet and I’m not sure when I will. 

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I’ll only be able to hide this from them for so long because they will have to go with me to drop her off for the surgery. They’ll see the stitches and the fact that Maggie will have on the cone of shame for a few days. 

I can’t help but worry about everything because if this goes badly, the boys will be absolutely devastated. 

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My hope is that this will turn out to be nothing that requires worry. 

I’m hoping to at least be able to sleep tonight because my break is being significantly reduced this weekend.