Despite the meltdowns tonight I remained positive

We had a really rough evening tonight.  Both the E’s were bouncing off the walls and Emmett had a couple meltdowns but I’ll tell you something, regardless of the stress I endured tonight, I remained positive. 

I’m going to bed early and I’m kinda excited about that. 


Emmett was too scared to go to sleep tonight.  When I ask him what he’s scared of, he just says he doesn’t know how to explain it and then gets really upset. 

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I figured that I would just go to bed early and let Emmett start out in my bed because he’s upset about something and this is the only way I can comfort him. 

I’m hoping the extra sleep helps me have another great day tomorrow…

There aren’t many days that go by, where I can honestly say that I had a really great day.  ☺

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