The boys had a good day at school but Emmett doesn’t want to go back

Both and Emmett had good days at but Emmett is already talking about not going back in the morning. 

I’m so lost as to how to handle this. 

When dealing with kids like Emmett, it’s not as simple as just making them go. I really need to get to the bottom of this because whatever the cause is needs to be dealt with. 

Until that happens, everyday is going to be the same exact thing. 


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  • Ladonna Johnson

    My son has had a hard year, everyday he says he doesn’t want to go. It is so hard to send him.

  • Kelly Clark

    My son is sixteen and he has been saying it since pre 🙁

  • EllenBeck

    Something has changed to make him change. I would ask his teacher what it might be. Did they get a new aide in the room (assuming there is a teachers aide) has the schedule changed? Was his seat changed? Is another student bothering him?

    If you are able , perhaps asking the teacher if you can sit in (if you can find a way) to observe if she/he has no clear answers. Maybe you can spot the small thing that iis bugging him. I realize you have at home, but ask your ex  to take him for thee daay.

    You cant change some things, nor can the classroom chaange for one student, but it may be something as simple as a seat change .

  • EllenBeck

    There is ONE more possibility I forgot to mention….. when you have gotten him from (at his request) what normally do you do after you get home? Does he spend time in his room studying for the ‘remainder of the school day’ or is it a day like any other or even perhaps spending time with you doing something different? 
    If it is the latter, you are setting yourself to fail in getting him to go. I mean, what kid wouldnt rather hang out than go to school?
    is hard plain and simple, if its a change you have to find it. If its you, you haave to change that.

  • Elizabeth Lucke

    Yep. My boys did the same thing. I decided that homeschool was the best for them. But mine are older. Prayers!