I hate having to be the bad guy every single morning

I dread getting up in the morning anymore.  I totally love my life and my kids but I truly hate the issues with getting Emmett to go to school.

It’s so incredibly heartbreaking to have to coerce Emmett into going to school. 


I don’t use threats or really any type of force but I do talk him into doing something that he’s so upset about, his tummy hurts.

There is rarely a morning that goes by where he willingly goes to school. 

We have a standoff of sorts and I promise to check on him throughout the day, which I do.  The problem is that no one directly asks him if he’s okay when I call. 

The reason for that is because we are going by how he’s doing at school.  If we asked him, I can promise you he’d want to come home every single time. 

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This is something that I’m really struggling to deal with in my own. 

Being a single parent means I have no backup and no one to tag if I need to walk away for a bit.  The school is helping in every way they can but I have to get him there in order to take advantage of that help.

Every single morning, I get to be the bad guy. 

I’m the one who has to make him go to school against his will.  Even though it’s the closest thing to being the right thing to do, it feels pretty shitty…..